Booster Board Officer Positions

It’s time to start thinking about next year!  If you are interested in serving on the Leander Band Booster’s Board, now is the time to start thinking about it! 

Serving on the board is a great volunteer opportunity to help support the organization that does so much for our kids.  It’s a great way to be involved!

Short descriptions of each position are below—all positions are available with the exception of President—the Vice President position becomes the President after serving the year as VP. 

In March, our Board Nomination Committee will conduct interviews for each position.  The committee will bring forth a recommended slate of officers for the Boosters’ vote at the April General Booster meeting.  New officers start their roles on June 1 and will begin to meet over the summer.

Incoming President: 

Responsible for all oversight of the Booster Organization, acting as primary liaison with parents and directors for booster business.  Manages the volunteer duties of the booster organization, is a co-signer on all financial accounts, reports, audits, and tax filings, and serves as the primary parent representative, for district business and/or meetings.  Oversees monthly Executive Board / Booster meetings, oversees the budgetary process and reporting to the general booster membership, and is the primary spokesperson for the Booster organization.

Vice President: 

Acts as an assistant to President in all activities, and oversees the Committee Leads primarily during the marching season.  Meets regularly with Head Director and President on booster business and serves in presidential capacity in absence of President for duties listed above.


Responsible for all funds and financial reporting of the Booster Organization.  Manages both accounts receivable and accounts payable, writes and signs checks handles sales tax reporting and works with the accountant for audit and tax filings.  The Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, and President all have check signing responsibilities for the organization’s financial accounts.  The Treasurer should have some working accounting knowledge and understand the receipting/payment of funds and work with a database to input information.  The Accounting system is set up in Charms and is easily learned.

Assistant Treasurer: 

 Assists the Treasurer in duties listed above, and is a co-signer on the Booster financial accounts.


Manages an accurate record of all Executive Board meetings, Booster meetings, and other meetings where official booster business takes place.   


Maintains order for all Executive Committee Meetings, Booster meetings and other meetings where official booster business takes place.  The Parliamentarian shall have knowledge of the Booster Organization’s Bylaws and Robert’s Rules of Order.   

Volunteer positions

Fruit Ninjas – The is our summer refreshment team. Volunteers at every practice throughout the summer serving fresh fruit to the student and staff during the hot summer practices.

Water Dawgs – Volunteers that keep our students and staff hydrated! They scoop ice, wheel ice chests and prepare for every event, competition, and practice.

First Aid Team – This is our group of trained volunteers that help treat our students and staff during all band activities.

Hospitality – Preparing and serving meals before games, competitions, and other band activities as needed.

Chaperones – volunteers that are in charge of a group of students during football games, competitions, and other band activities as needed. They travel on buses with students and other volunteers and stay with students during the entire event.

Pit crew/props – This is the team that helps load/unload music equipment and performance props to our performances and competitions. They also help with these heavy items on and off the field. Heavy lifting, pushing and pulling of equipment is required of this position.

Prop building – The prop team brings the designs of the marching show to life. Power tools, glue, paint and more as you design, create and repair props throughout the season.

Photography – enjoy taking pictures? This group takes pictures of the kids at performances, games, activities and just when the kids are doing anything band. No professional experience required, just a love of capturing the essence of the band and sharing those images with the students, staff, and parents of the program.

Social Media – Are you a social media wiz? Know all about the different social media apps and want to share with the world about our band, this might be a great position for you! You will post images, graphics and information for our social media audience as well as work with the board about promoting events and activities.

Uniform Seam Team – Do you love to sew? Volunteers assist with fittings, alterations, repairs of our formal uniforms. Volunteers will be asked on occasion to sign-up during uniform distribution and collection times (before and after performances/events) to ensure uniforms are kept neat and organized and address any repairs needed.

Color Guard Team – This position works with the color guard team and director on any needs. Color Guard performs with the band during marching season and has a winter competition season as well.

Display Case – Volunteers work together to keep all band trophy/display cases current and clean. The display cases are located in the PAC (performing arts center).

Banquet Team – Each year the boosters host an end of the year band banquet that recognizes the hard work and accomplishments the band had achieved over the past school year. Volunteers work together with the team lead to plan, prepare, and oversee this event.

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