[highlight]About The Guard[/highlight]

 To represent and support Leander High School by encouraging school spirit, good sportsmanship, exemplary conduct, and loyalty to all activities.

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Modern color guard is a combination of military drill, also called marching, and the use of flags, sabres, mock rifles, shields and other equipment, as well as dance and other interpretive movement.

Members of the color guard team march along with their fellow marching band members at half time during football games and provide additional visual aspects to the performance.

The color guard interprets the music that the marching band is playing via the synchronized spinning of flags, sabres, shields, or other pieces of equipment, or through choreographed dance.

When in competition, the color guard score is typically based on movement, visual effect, fluidity of choreography with the music, coordination of all members, drill, and the use of equipment.

During a competition the guard adds to the overall score of the band, but is also judged in its own category. Color guard has been considered to be both an athletic competition and an art.

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[highlight]About the Color Guard[/highlight]

The Winter guard is an indoor color guard activity, derived from the outdoor summer activity that is part of the marching band. Unlike color guard, which performs outdoors on a football field as part of the marching band, winter guard is performed indoors, usually in a gym or indoor arena, during the winter season.

The winter guard performs to recordings of various musical genres. Their show has a selection of music, classical to contemporary. The LHS winter guard unit performs using dance, acrobatic features, and with various pieces of equipment. While guard equipment can vary from anything to everything, flags, rifles, and sabres are the main pieces of equipment. Guard members toss, spin, and do much more with their equipment, which can change throughout their show. Major competitions worldwide are sanctioned and managed by Winter Guard International.

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[highlight]The LHS Color Guard Program[/highlight]

Students learn their incredible equipment and dance skills through the training we provide in the color guard program. Besides the very high level of skill you’ll experience as a member of our color guard, you’ll make many new friends as you practice, travel, and perform with the Leander Band.

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[highlight]Program Facts[/highlight]

The color guard is the auxiliary section of the Leander Band

Just like the trumpets, saxes, flutes, and drummers, members of the color guard travel and perform with the Leander Band and take all the trips the marching band takes

Students earn P.E. credit for participating in our marching band

Since P.E. is required to graduate, this is a great way to fill that spot on your schedule and have fun while doing it!

Because color guard is a dance class, you will satisfy your Fine Arts requirement by being in our Color Guard

Color Guard members are eligible to earn varsity letter jackets – Color Guard is a varsity level activity available to freshmen! You’ll begin the process of earning your letter jacket from the moment you enter the color guard your freshman year

Color Guard is COMPLETELY COMPATIBLE with the most aggressive academic schedule

Some of the highest academic achievers at Leander are Band and Color Guard members

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